Antidote Magazine
Posted on August 9, 2015 by Serena D
Antidote Magazine
Posted on August 9, 2015 by Serena D

Antidote Magazine aims to counter the monoculture set by mainstream media in both their print and online publications. They present the unseen culture in your (American) city.

Their magazine and website promote the diversity offered by urban living and how to embrace it. They do this through utilising young voices and rising stars to be the first on the scene.

Their features include Places and Spaces which showcases the must-try locations in different cities. Their Food section interviews people in the industry and offers DIY advice.

There is Travel and Music from around the world which continue the theme of uncovering hidden gems. Then there’s their Fashion and Style section.

The Style Dose features style inspiration, shopping highlights and fashion trends. There’s even the odd post about high fashion runway shows.

The fashion photographers enlisted by Antidote Magazine portray the industry through fresh eyes. Likewise, the fashion designers offer edge and intrigue.

Antidote offers even more fashion inspiration in the form of The Concrete Runway. Their Tumblr page shares pics from their bi-weekly street style fashion fix.

Whilst the website skews towards fashion for women, The Concrete Runway has more menswear. This added bonus creates balance and is a more visual alternative.

So far Antidote Magazine is very much a love letter to American cities. If you’re looking to scratch beneath the surface and find something near you then it’s the place to go.

There are touches that go further afield particularly in Travel and Music whilst the Style Dose allows you to uncover American up and comers. In essence, however, it’s a way to travel the country without leaving home.

If you’re lucky enough to live in an American city, however, it’s a must-read to make the most of it in style.

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