Posted on July 13, 2015 by Serena D
Posted on July 13, 2015 by Serena D

Web developer turned fashion blogging superstar, Bryan Grey-Yambao is also known as Francis Bryan Yambao aka. BryanBoy. His eponymous website is a global sensation and his career is what bloggers everywhere dream of.

Bryanboy started his fashion blog in the Philippines in 2004, at the age of 24. It was ahead of the game and undoubtedly set the parameters for the format.

His early blogging style offered the edgy honesty and candid wit that now attracts masses of readers. Whereas, the content was based around his vast knowledge as a fashion fanboy.

Bryan Grey-Yambao could be seen with his characteristic poses and gushing over the latest fashion lines. Both of which are now staples of the genre.

Ten years on, Bryanboy has amassed millions of readers on a monthly basis and has a well-documented lifestyle that comes with that. He’s not only a regular on the front row at fashion weeks but on the most exclusive guest lists.

On the whole, however, he has stuck to what gained him such success. Bryanboy writes and edits all his work. Whilst, his street style photography is courtesy of bff and fellow blogger, Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast.

The substantial other perks to his work including a jet-setting lifestyle, freebies (i.e. swag swag swag) and a considerable pay packet. Not to mention, Marc Jacobs naming his BB ostrich bag after him.

Despite all this acclaim, attention and widely read record of his life, family and long-term relationships are not on the cards at Bryanboy. Miraculously, he has managed to keep his private life to himself and keep in control of what the world knows about him.

He’s a man of mystery, impeccable taste, a lavish lifestyle and now and again, a cutting tongue. His fashion blog may be more agreeable but it’s not to be missed.

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