Posted on March 8, 2016 by Serena D
Posted on March 8, 2016 by Serena D

One of the most popular fashion blogs UK is Disneyrollergirl which was launched in 2007 by Navaz Batliwalla. At the time she was working as the Fashion Director of CosmoGirl.

Her fashion blog has always given an inside look at the fashion world including the life of a fashion journalist. To avoid any repercussions, however, the fashion blog began anonymously.

Navaz Batliwalla has since become a freelance fashion stylist, content creator and creative consultant. She has also revealed her identity as the author of Disneyrollergirl. The site continues to grow in popularity as her personal style blog and on social media platforms.

Disneyrollergirl is a daily top fashion blog so expect a prolific amount of content to dig your teeth into. There’s the weekly DRG Style Index which gives a rundown of brands that are making headlines.

She offers insights into the latest fashion campaigns and new collections plus how to wear them. There’s also a peppering of beauty articles so you can match the high end products to your outfits.

These are mixed with the odd tid-bit of culture that inspires and often influences style and current fashion trends. All in all it’s a well-rounded collection of fashion blog posts from someone in the know.

Navaz Batliwalla has also stuck up for the value and future of fashion blogging in an article for The Sunday Times Style. She highlights how a new generation interact with media, why fashion blogs appeal to that demographic and how PRs can work with them.

Although it’s not lost that, like fellow successful fashion blogger UK, Susie Bubbles, Navaz Batliwalla is coming from the world of journalism. She has the skills, experience, contacts and inside knowledge to put her ahead.

This contributes to the high standards of her content and makes her style blog a must-read for aspiring fashion bloggers and fashionistas alike. Watch out for her book coming in 2016.

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