Gizele A Go-Go
Posted on July 9, 2015 by Serena D
Gizele A Go-Go
Posted on July 9, 2015 by Serena D

Gizele Oliveira is a Brazilian model whose former fashion blog is Things Of Teens. Now she’s all grown-up and shares her outfit inspirations on Gizele A Go-Go.

Gizele’s job involves an enviable amount of world travel and through her blog she shares the exciting locations with her taste in fashion. You can expect her editorial work alongside plenty of street style photos.

Now in her early-20s Gizele Oliveira shares an ample mix of off-duty model “normcore”, high fashion and a definite pinch of 90s nostalgia garb. She’s also honest about the brands she’s collaborating with, as a model and a blogger. Always a bonus which builds trust with viewers.

The images are even captioned in both Portuguese and English to reach her global following. This can be seen more on Gizele’s highly popular Instagram account. There’s 164,000 followers and counting. Her Insta pics are, however, more intimate (read: more selfies) and more regular. A winning combination for models on the social networking app.

This is where she has truly carved out her niche as a fashionista with some serious peak unreal pics. She has tapped into a generation where high-waists, crop-tops and septum piercings reign supreme. In essence it’s clean grunge, its all-weather festival chic and it’s covetable.

Gizele Oliveira and her social media don’t stop there as she’s also active on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and SnapChat. Needless to say, you can get your daily fix through the medium of your choice or all of the above if you so wish.

Gizele A Go-Go is for people who admire Gizele’s personal style, her work and are looking for a new fashion fix. It’s very much the Lookbook style and you can find her there too. This woman is one to watch, both in the modelling world and on the blogosphere.

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